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Fire Me Friday

Scott & Alli

Welcome to our podcast where we share our stories, lessons, frustrations and triumphs in running a service business. We will also give you some of our best tools and tactics for living your best life. 

Why Fire Me Friday? Every Friday, we fire ourselves so we can come back Monday morning with a new perspective. We always want to “earn” our position as owners, leaders and as trainers!  

Co-Hosts, Scott Norton (Founder/CEO) and Allison Allen (COO) of AXIS Personal Trainers, bring you an unedited and unscripted conversation each week with a glimpse of how business decisions are made, the many mistakes they have made over the years, and ways in which they help their team and their clients thrive.  

AXIS, located in Menlo Park, CA,  is one of the premier personal training facilities in the country. With a partnership built on trust, dedication, and a continuous drive to be better, Scott and Alli have a successful business that is thriving over 27 years after its inception. 

The valuable experience gained through the economic downturns of 2001, 2008, and most notably 2020, is priceless. The many challenges and lessons learned have given them the knowledge and skills necessary to build a team and a business with a strong foundation to succeed through the good times and the bad. Both continue to see personal training clients and focus much of their time on helping to develop their team members, as well as researching and experiencing the latest in health, wellness and longevity.